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David M. Traversi
A National Bestseller
Released in 2007 by New Harbinger Publications, the highly acclaimed The Source of Leadership: Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader, by David M. Traversi, is for people who have the desire and are willing to make the commitment to lead as effectively as they possibly can. They may be existing leaders seeking to lead more effectively, or aspiring leaders wanting to lead for the first time. Given the opportunities every person has to lead - in arenas such as family, business, politics, education, non-profit, athletics, or military, to name a few - this book is for every person. It is for you.
This book, with a foreword by small business guru Michael Gerber, bestselling author of The E-Myth Revisited, is about improving your effectiveness as leader at a time when we are facing the highest velocity, most complex, dynamic change in the history of our existence. It is about equipping yourself to face these challenges with the best tools available. Tools that enable you to find deep contentment and fulfillment on a personal level. Tools that empower you to be highly impactful as a leader.
These tools are within you right now. They are internal drivers - personal energies - waiting to assist you in your journey. Accessing them is merely a matter of choice. Although the drivers themselves - presence, openness, clarity, intention, personal responsibility, intuition, creativity, and connected communication - have been around at least since the beginning of the human race, they have generally not been discussed in the context of leadership. Chapter by chapter, driver by driver, you'll see a clear path unfold, leading you to empowerment and fulfillment on the personal level and then profound effectiveness as a leader of people.
Widespread Praise
This book signals a new age of where a higher level of consciousness and awareness is required of leaders if they are to achieve an organizational impact. I'm still not convinced leaders can be made, but I am certain they can improve themselves. The Source of Leadership contains essential tools for transforming one's consciousness into a high degree of effectiveness as a leader.
—Lewis Coleman, President, DreamWorks Animation SKG, and former Chief Executive Officer of BancAmerica Securities, Vice Chairman of Bank of America, and Chief Executive Officer of The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

 This book is the leader's ideal antidote for a world that is getting more complex and faster by the minute. Now and in the future, the extraordinary leader is going to have to be grounded in reality, highly aware, and able to access powers deep within. The Source of Leadership is an excellent roadmap to that kind of leadership.
—Stephen M. Ross, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of RELATED, developers, managers, and financiers of over $10 billion in U.S. real estate.

Traversi has written a bold, innovative book in which he practices what he preaches. Business books often have an issues/actions structure, illustrated with case studies. The case studies in The Source of Leadership are excellent, but the best are those where Traversi frankly describes the issues he identified in his own personal management style and how he applied the eight drivers to positive effect. The result is an illuminating set of guidelines for any leader.
—Jerry Weissman, author of the international best-sellers Presenting to Win and In the Line of Fire and president of Power Presentations, Ltd., a communications consultancy

This is a must-read for any executive interested in succeeding in the future. Traversi has clearly articulated a new paradigm of the leadership model. This how-to book is both instructional and provocative.
—J. Michael Chu, Founder and Managing Partner of Catterton Partners in Greenwich, CT, a $2 billion private equity firm focused on investing in fast growing, middle-market consumer companies

Traversi understands, on a deep level, that everything is connected. He understands that until a leader achieves personal empowerment and fulfillment he cannot become a high-impact leader. At a time when the business and professional world—and our country—is in dire need of excellence and integrity in leadership, Traversi has written a powerful guide to help transform ordinary leaders into extraordinary ones. I strongly recommend The Source of Leadership to anyone who wants to learn how to lead by example.
—Beverly Engel, MFT, best-selling author of numerous books including Honor Your Anger and The Power of Apology

As an executive search professional who has placed CEOs for thirty-five years, I weed out wannabes from real leaders on a daily basis. Leadership is three things: creating a culture, creating a plan, and hiring a team to execute. Traversi articulates this and the finer points of leadership very well. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to fine tune his or her leadership skills.
—Vito Bialla, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bialla & Associates, Inc., executive search consultants in Sausalito, CA
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