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David M. Traversi
David M. Traversi
The genesis of The Source of Leadership™ is where all successful projects originate...the creator's heart. David Traversi has been a lifelong leader in athletics, academics, society, and business. More importantly, he has had a lifelong passion for the art of leadership. He read every significant book about leadership in the past 25 years, and built huge files of articles on every virtually every element of leadership. In a diverse and highly successful career described below, he has led many organizations and had the unique opportunity to work closely with, and advise, thousands of leaders in scores of industries.
Until several years ago, the source of leadership eluded him. He had that gut feeling that virtually nothing that had been written on the art of leadership really got to the heart of the matter. The "how" of leadership development was missing. Authorities would describe the character traits and functions of a leader, or what a leader must be, and what a leader must do to succeed. How a leader could accomplish these things was missing.
Twelve years ago, he began experiencing a profound personal transformation inspired by the painful realization that the void that existed deep within him through all his successes was caused by living almost entirely in the future. He constantly thought, "I will be happy as soon as..." And he was never content. As he began to practice presence - living in the only authentic existence there is - he became increasingly content, productive, and creative. His choice to be present - to bring the energy of presence into his life - led to one cognition after another. He began to be aware of his resistances and explored the reasons underlying them and methods of opening up. He became more aware that several circumstances from his childhood had resulted in emotional and behavioral issues that harmed his relationships, and he began to "air out" those deeply imbedded energies. He became intimately familiar with his intuition and began a disciplined approach to developing it. He learned the binary nature of ownership - a choice between the poison of blame and the empowerment of complete responsibility. He opened up to every creative outlet he could find and quickly became an accomplished artist after never having painted in his life. And that was only one of scores of diverse creative channels he still pursues. He became aware that he could focus conscious energy in a direction and influence conditions in his environment and the course of events, something even science corroborates. His communication skills, in which he had always taken pride as a trial attorney, lecturer, and corporate executive, improved dramatically as he became aware of the subtler nuances of discourse.
As he began to see that making the correct choices in these personal energy fields were the keys to his personal contentment, he also began to see that they are also critical to powerfully effective leadership. Although he was at first concerned that certain of these choices and practices might render him to a Zen- or Buddha-like, "blissed-out" state of passivity, he quickly learned that they prime a leader for profound action. A leader who has made the conscious choice to cultivate the eight transformational energies - personal drivers deep within each of us - has unlimited leadership potential. He has spent the past decade developing and refining his concepts and the practices set forth in The Source of Leadership™. He is passionately convinced that The Source of Leadership™ contains a powerful message that will revolutionize how leadership is taught and practiced. The Source of Leadership, published by New Harbinger Publications, is now available from all major bookstores and online retailers, as well as in digital form from Amazon's Kindle. With a foreword by Michael Gerber, America's small business guru and best-selling author of The E-Myth Revisited, this much-acclaimed book is already being heralded as one of the most unique and probing approaches to leadership in many years.
David Traversi's own career is a powerful example of how The Source of Leadership™ will open a world of infinite creativity, possibilities, and leadership success.
He is the Chief Executive Officer of Traversi Capital Advisors, LLC (Member: FINRA/SIPC), a broker-dealer providing private placement, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and executive advisory services to companies across the nation. He was also the founder of two successful technology start-ups, a fabless semiconductor company and a digital media company. Previously, he was the Co-founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of PRE Solutions, Inc., which was the nation's largest electronic processor of prepaid telecom products before its sale to InComm. Prior to PRE Solutions, he was President of Sirrom Capital Corporation, a $1 billion NYSE-listed financial services and investment firm. Prior to Sirrom, he was a General Partner and Managing Director in the Corporate Finance Department of Montgomery Securities (now Banc of America Securities LLC), the nation's premier investment bank serving growth businesses in the 1990s. At Montgomery, he managed transactions totaling over $3 billion. He has also practiced as a business lawyer and is a member of the California State Bar and the Alaska Bar Association. He holds Series 24, 27, 63, and 79 licenses and is also a licensed California real estate broker.
He serves or has served on the boards of many public and private companies. He is active in a number of non-profit causes and organizations. He is a frequent lecturer and facilitator of programs on a variety of business topics, including leadership, negotiation, strategy, finance, economics, and real estate.
He is also a professional artist, specializing in abstract figuratives and landscapes, and his work is in collections across the U.S. An avid wine collector, for five years he wrote a wine column in the Sonoma Valley's Kenwood Press.
He has B.S. in Finance from California State University, Chico; a J.D. from University of California, Davis; and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.
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