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Authorities say the man shouted "go back to your country" in a Muslim women wear hermes bags sale religious LIDS may be barking up the wrong tree: a decorative police in New York.
Officer Aml Elsokary, the locals joined after the September 11 attacks in New York,hermes bags replica said she work on Saturday when she met a man near brooklyn Shouting and pushed her 16-year-old son.
When she intervention, she said, organization of the islamic countries and references who threatened to cut her throat.
This is the first time she similar happened,hermes outlet she said at a news conference on Monday, the mayor.
"I become a policeman told the New Yorker's positive side, a Muslim woman, can do the job," said Elsokary. "I help everyone, no matter what your religion, your religion is, what do you do in New York. I was born and grew up here."
The threat of blame,hermes handbags Christopher nelson, 36, felony charges of hate crimes on Monday. His lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
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Encountered many so-called religious or racial prejudice reports in recent days.
On Monday, transport workers are muslims is pushed down the stairs in the central station people called her a terrorist, police said. The station management, wearing religious LIDS,hermes belts replica attacks and go to jobs. Her ankle and knee injuries treated in hospital.
Governor Andrew cuomo said in a statement also pointed out that the subway is on Saturday,hermes replica his destruction and the ku Klux Klan material distribution in long island rail road station last week.
Police reference Elsokary brave 2014 she and her partner ran into fire to rescue a bags outlet Police chief James o 'neill memory access Elsokary hospital,hermes birkin bags she and her partner smoke inhalation was sent to hospital for treatment.
"You and your partner did a great job on that day," o 'neill told her at a news conference on Monday.
Mayor bill DE Blasio says there are 900 muslims in New York City police, a force of about 36000.
"In 2014, she met a burning building,hermes kelly bags and help to save a young girl and her grandmother. Then, on Saturday,hermes outlet she has to experience a man allegedly calling her and her son, go back to your country," said DE Blasio. "This is officer Elsokary country. She is an American. She is from New York. She is at home."
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